• Antique Stone Ring with Black Obsidian, Emerald and Ruby Stones
  • Antique Stone Ring with Black Obsidian, Emerald and Ruby Stones
  • Antique Stone Ring with Black Obsidian, Emerald and Ruby Stones
  • Antique Stone Ring with Black Obsidian, Emerald and Ruby Stones

Antique Stone Ring with Black Obsidian, Emerald and Ruby Stones

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    Black Obsidian

    The black obsidian stone is a potent cleanser of the psychic smog made within the aura, and is considered as a powerful psychic protection stone. This stone also has a powerful metaphysical properties, which may assist in shielding you against negativities. Its energies may stimulate the prophesy gift. Black obsidian also possesses a goof action in cutting ties, breaking negative attachments to those you’ve been close to. The pieces of this stone, which had a gleaming surface were actually used in the past as one tool for scrying. It’s also a great crystal that you can use when you’ve been doing healing or spiritual work, since it has a strong action that may ground you to the Mother Gaia.

    The properties of the black obsidian is what makes it so essential to possess in your own collection. They are actually of a strong psychic protection stone and may benefit you by shielding you from any negativity.

    Emerald is very famous because of its attractive healing properties from the ancient time. It treats the major diseases like abdomen, kidney, heart and brain related diseases. Emerald helps to cure the skin related problems, respiratory problems and nervous system problems and this stone is also good for the pregnant women, as it decreases the stress level of a women and labor pain as well.

    According to the experts, emerald bestows the love in the relationship and also grants the faithfulness to its wearer. Some people believe that emerald gemstone built the better understanding and true love between the couple. It provides the positive thoughts about each other. Emerald also helps to deal with the stressful relationship and filled that relationship with love and happiness. It also heals the broken hearts and helps to get rid from the bad memories of the past.

    Wearing Ruby produces many good health effects:

    • Effective for skin problems — Ruby has strong effects in case of when the sun is heading between the conjoined Rahu or Ketu. This gemstone gives a permanent solution to skin problems and this is highly recommended.
    • Enhances the self-confidence — Appropriate, size weight and of the gemstone would improve the issues related to self -confidence. These benefits increase the value. Gem stone’s power enhances the intuition power of the individual and makes the person strong and bold.
    • Effective for the health — stand does affect the health of the individual. It makes the bones stronger. Also, it seems effective in bone tuberculosis or highly recommended in the case of bone disorders.
    • Effects in Depression -The heat intensity of the ruby stone said to provide the energy to a system for its revitalisation and reduces the chances of having depression and anxiety. Thus astrologer recommends the use of ruby to the mental issues prone to individuals.
    • Beneficial for alertness — One of its admired effects that it has a great ability to dissolve the confusion, frustration. It makes the person calm, sharp, and alert or focused on life achievements.

    Material: Zinc Alloy, Black Obsidian, Emerald and Ruby Stones
    Style: Vintage, Buddhism, Bohemian
    Shape/ pattern: Oval
    Stone size: 15mm
    Weight: 8.8g
    Color: Black, Green, Red

    Packed in a High Grade packaging. 

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