• Silver Moonstone Drop Earrings
  • Silver Moonstone Drop Earrings
  • Silver Moonstone Drop Earrings
  • Silver Moonstone Drop Earrings
  • Silver Moonstone Drop Earrings

Silver Moonstone Drop Earrings

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    Considered a feminine stone. Moonstone often has a positive impact on hormone balances. This can help with physical conditions such as psoriasis and hair loss, but also with fluctuating emotions and confusion.

    It is also useful in easing pain during menstruation and childbirth.

    By targeting femininity, this stone helps to promote and nurture intuition and gentleness in people, as well as compassion. It's important to understand, these are qualities inherent in everybody. Moonstones aren't "for women", even when they strengthen the feminine.

    For men, using this to strengthen your femininity can actually bring balance to your life. If you've ever felt aimless or incomplete in some way, a more complete character profile can help you find peace with yourself as a whole person. Moonstone can help you bring out and incorporate your feminine side.

    For women, it also has one more physical benefit: fertility.

    Moonstone is a wonderful fertility aid. It affects the reproductive cycle, and eases menstrual tension. Known for its links to the pineal gland, it balances hormonal systems as well. This helps to stabilise fluid imbalances, promote better biorhythm, and improve conception odds.


      Materials Type: 9.25 Sterling Silver, Silver Moonstone
      Earrings Type: Drop earrings
      Style: Vintage, Bohemian, Ethic, Classic
      Size: 2.5*0.08cm
      Weight: 4.42g

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